Become a Signal Pro

Helping is the new selling. By becoming a Signal Pro, you can help make more high value connections for individuals and companies in your network.

You'd be a great Signal Pro if you’re one of these people.

1. Operating leader within your company (e.g Design lead)

2. Headhunter with a good client list

3. Investor or Advisor that wants to help your portfolio companies

Meet some Signal Pros already

Operating Leaders

Kevin Kinkor

Startup Talent & People Advisor

Kinkor Consulting

Kevin can intro you to companies with PeopleTech Partners

Julie Lungaro

Senior Product Designer


Julie can intro you to Klaviyo and Evertrues design teams

Vinayak Ranade



Vinayak can intro you to Drift, KAYAK and many more


Why be a Pro?


Your network is how you likely found one of your dream jobs. Now you can flex your network by helping candidates looking to get into your company and by doing so you’ll get a direct channel and early access to candidates.


How does it work?


You'll be featured

Signal intelligently determines potential job seekers that might benefit from your help, and features you in those cases. Signal makes sure that you only get relevant requests without spam.


Signal connects you to passive talent

When Signal matches you to a potential job seeker, they will be able to email you to ask for your advice about a particular company or for an introduction.


All you need to do is reply.

Any connections made on Signal show up directly in your email inbox. It's up to you whether to reply, forward, or make an introduction based on your judgement.

Claim your Signal Pro spot


Signal Pros are vetted by our team, and limited to just a few for any given company on a first come first serve basis.